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Re: HOW TO: From BK7 discharge to 700 in 24 months or less!
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stormb28 wrote:
I didnt use your method outlined, I took the path less traveled, making mistakes along the way.

I filed in 7/2011, discharged in 10/2011. Got the Capone secured card, paid $49 to get the $200 limit. I got this card days after my discharge, about 10 months later, the card got a CLI to $300, when I responded to a letter they sent me.

In this time, I app'd for about 5 cards, prime cards. CreditKarma had a ”credit card” selection tool, I listened to it. I was rejected by Discover, BOA, Chase, Citi, & Barclays. Dejected, I app'd for the Capone rewards card, approved for $2500. I got the card, but I have a ton of inquries. 7 mos of using the Capone rewards card, I reapp'd for a barclays card, the NFL extra points card, approved for $500.

My score right now is 680, I figured id groom these cards for six months and go for a Discover around then. Good idea?


 Certainly sounds like a good idea to me.  I might even consider waitinga year while gardening those others.  It allows account maturity and some time for some of those other hard inquiries that were rejected to age some more and potentially drop off.

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