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Re: FICO Score Power

softballgirl29 wrote:

Just wondering how long after discharge I should wait to pull my additional score power report. I received the initial score power report on 8/2012 but I have an additional one and don't want to pull it too soon but I am curious about changes since I have made really good improvements already Smiley Happy Any advice?

You mentioned "additional score power report" so I take it you are subscribed to ScoreWatch, right? SW will throw out credit alerts like added accounts, increased balances, stati changes, etc. With each alert SW will automatically provide you with a new EQ FICO score. Unfortunately it won't alert you to dropped accounts or dropped balances. If you get any FICO changes, you'll know what's happening with that. If you are expecting items to drop, then you would need to pull from FICO or another source that offers EQ to see which ones fell off. Depends which changes you are looking for.