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Filing or Discharge date to count number of years post bk?

Do creditors use the filing or discharge date for qualifications on credit approval?


The reason I ask is because I believe there is a difference between those filing 7 vs 13 in how creditors base their credit decisions.


When I was discharged, just a few months ago from a chp 13, out of the gate I was getting approvals for every card I applied for.  Not one denial at all.  Compare that to many chp 7 filers and you see a different pattern.  So I started thinking about the fact that the two categories, 7 vs 13, are still bankruptcies and why is there such a difference?  The only answer I can come up with is that it has to be that on a 7 they use the discharge date to start the clock ticking and the filing date for a 13.


In my case the filing date is almost 6 years ago so I only have 1 more year before it falls off.  My discharge date is clear on my reports so its not like they can't see it.  So I was just wondering if this could be the reason that they are using slightly different criteria to base their credit granting decisions.  I mean literally out of the gate of discharge one of the first cards I was approved for was a $7500 visa, and trust me I was shocked and thought it was an error, but no it was true.


So they could not have based their decision, at least in my case, on the discharge date and had to be the filing date.  Anyone have any thoughts on this?

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