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Re: Filing or Discharge date to count number of years post bk?

Don is right.


If you get a 13 discharged, you are presumed to have 3-5 years of perfect payment history to the court, too.


And remember, after discharge of a 13, you're 3-5 years post filing... the impact of the BK isn't nearly as bad, and, depending on timing, some of your delinquent accounts may have fallen off, too.


Regardless, both 7 and 13 are based on filing date.  6 years after filing a 7 can get someone a $7500 approval, too.  Heck, I'm only 2.3 years post filing my 7 and have a visa w/ a $8000 limit.  Granted it's NFCU, but I also have a Discover w/ a $2500 limit.  



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