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Re: From BK 2003 on my way to 800 club
I will add just a bit more. I worked extremely hard at this as well as my career. I was able to add a lot to my bottom line (salary) by gaining certifications and studying. This coupled with fiscal discipline was paramount. Back in 2008 I applied for my first mortgage loan with a credit score in the low 600s. I secured an FHA loan that I refinanced, into a standard 30 year by 2009. Just last year I refinanced again into a 15 year (as my financial situation was greatly improving).

Nothing I did occurred overnight--but early on I was on a mission to "clear my record". There were many things on my credit report not included in my BK so I wanted those to be cleared up and/or paying as agreed. Then it's basically just a waiting game. Early on it's ok to be satisfied with a secured CC. I made my bed so I was going to lie in it. After a while (2-3 years), I applied for a CC with my credit union and they were more than happy to help me rebuild. I transferred my auto loan to them and do all my banking through them as well. I suggest joining one if you haven't already.

Any questions feel free to ask.