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Re: Bankruptcy friendly credit cards

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I personally don't know anyone, but I have messaged back and forth with one of the moderators here who has one.  I believe there also may be a thread associated with it as well.  I was told on this forum as well as another, that the barclays (which is the old juniper card) is BK friendly if your one year out.  I will update this thread after I apply in a few weeks, but don't know which barclays card to apply for yet.

Hello!  I lurk more in this forum than actually posting; however, I am one of the referred to above.  I was declined a Barclay card itunes visa; called backdoor (credit analyst) number... poored my heart and soul out for a chance... begged for a measley $100.00 line and got $250.00 in November, 2010 -- now I'm at $2,500.00; also, have had success in getting Travelocity Amex for $1,000.00 initially in August, 2011 -- now at $2,000.00.


I, at pleading stage, had a Chapter 7 and Chapter 11 on my record.  The analyst was VERY hesistant, but.. I'm very persistent and I figured he caved when I said, look I didn't get A's in my MBA courses being ignorant.

I also recently was approved an apple Barclay card on December 5. I was turned down in June because I had no revolving credit post BK (filed April 2011). Only a car note. So I open a secured and unsecure Capone card. And after 6 months of report I gave it a shot. Got the 7-10 day notice, called recon # and was approved for $2000.

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