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What to expect next...

According to the last trustee's report of receipts and disbursements, I calculated that we will have our BK13 paid off Feb 2013. Which is ahead of schedule due to the fact we turned in all income tax refunds. Now I am learning from the other people here that the Trustee and the courts can drag their heels in the paperwork that follows.

Can you all kind folks enlighten me as to what reality will play out please?

We are in desperate need of a second car. Our 2006 truck (included in the BK) is sucking the life out of me. We've barely afforded repairs and it's been stressful only having the one ageing vehicle when it's a 30 mile commute one way to work. So the 1st order of business once we have our discharge is a car loan.

I am thinking a very modest new car like a Kia Soul. But also pray to God we can have a few stress free months to save a down payment.


I am open to some enlightenment.