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Re: What to expect next...

MovingForward_2012 wrote:
A ch 13. Had to get trustee's approval for the previous car purchase in 2008. Filed it in 2005. It wasn't discharged until 2011 (long 5 year plan). Ch 13 was removed from CRAs in Oct 2012.

Whew!!  The removal of the bk must have been a great weight off of your shoulders!  I filed a 5 year plan as well in 2007 and from the 1st filing to the date of discharge totaled almost 69 months!  Mine won't fall off until early 2014 but all of the IIB accounts should all fall off between Jan and June of 2013.  So not much longer for the accounts.


Do you recall how quickly your IIB accounts fell off?  I mean did any of them fall off early?  I have 2 that say Jan 2013 so I'm like it should be today right!! LOL!!!  And did the bk stay on right up to the last day possible?

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