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Re: What to expect next...
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MovingForward_2012 wrote:
Yeah but there is still one on there. A ch 7 filed in 2003. Will be removed Aug 2013. I really screwed up 8-10 years ago, obviously. Once my reports are BK free, I will be super happy. Smiley Happy

Yes the Ch 13 actually fell off a month early in Sept so I am hoping the same will happen with Ch 7. The plans are LONG and it ties up your finances for a long time. I know how you feel. But you are almost there. I saw a big boost in my credit score about a year ago so I think you will see a boost long before it falls off and it sounds like you did given you were able to lease. Leases typically require a score of 700+ so congrats to you on getting an auto loan lease approval!

Oh well after all you've been through the countdown is on so maybe it will be gone by July....crossing my fingers for you.

As for my scores, well I seriously worked on getting my reports clean the last 2 years of my bk.  My car was falling apart and costing me an arm and a leg in repairs.  So if there was one thing I was determined to do when I got my discharge papers was to get a car.  Literally within 5 days of me getting those papers I had my keys to my new car in my hand.  When my scores were pulled my highest score was 730 on EQ and 712 on TU so yea I easily qualified for both a loan and a lease.  The rates were awesome as well at 1.99% for up to 60 months, but I just chose to lease because I know that after 2 or 3 years I will be ready for another car.  


Had I not cleaned my reports and let the dust settle I could only imagine what rates I would have been offered.  I've had some mailers come to home offering 16% interest and all I can do is thank my lucky stars I don't have to deal with them.  When you are in a chp13 bk I heard so many people say that you shoudn't do anything with your credit, blah blah blah.  Well I didn't care what they said because I knew what my goals were and if I would have listened to the nay sayers I wouldn't be in the position I'm in now.  So I always tell anybody I can to work on your reports when you can't get nothing so that when you need something you can get something.

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