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Dunning letter during stay

So, what do I do?  A medical office has sent another dunning letter after having already received notice from the court that I'm in bk.  I received a final notice in the mail last night, so i called today thinking that maybe it was sent in error since this bill was for my son instead of me.  But no, the billing CSR said that all they have is a notice of creditors meeting and that they will continue to send notices and will turn it over to collections in two weeks.  Um, what? 


So anyway, should I send a letter to make it clear that any further efforts at collections will result in me reporting them to the bankruptcy court?  Should I even bother sending them a letter, or just let the phone call stand?

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Re: Dunning letter during stay your attorney and send all communication you've received to them.  Let them handle it, that's why you pay them.

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Re: Dunning letter during stay
Have a talk with your attorney over this but in my personal opinion, such infringements should be reported to the BK court. Bring up the point when you talk to your attorney and see what he recommends. Or when they call again, ask them to go ahead and hand it over to collections. CAs are way easier to handle if they mess up, you can always pull an FDCPA violation suit on them.
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Re: Dunning letter during stay
You can call creditors that violate the stay and give them your case #...they usually flee after that first warning. But going through your attorney could get them fined.
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