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Re: Bankruptcy friendly credit cards

Hi all :0)


 First time here. I lost my job and was forced to File for ch7. My Ch 7 was discharged in Jul 2012. After doing massive research i applied for CapOne CC in early Aug 2012. Approved for $500. Following month i received a letter stating if i pay my first 6 statements on time and not go over the limit. My CC limit would be raised to $750 on the 7th month. This is all nice and dandy but it is a bit frustrating since just a few years ago i had a few cards with limits in the $30k range. Reading tis forum for the last couple of weeks has helped alot. So thank you..


At the time of ch7 discharge my score was 614EQ, 594EX & 579TU. Thankfully i am very good at managing credit and i;ve been able to raise the scores to 662EQ, 646EX & 616Tu (not too thrilled about TU).


My goal is to get a limit of about $4,000-$5,000 with either Boa , Chase or Citi. I really prefer Citi AA Advantage. I used to have Citi AA Advantage and racked up a ton of miles with the card. Do any of these run Equifax only? FYI, Citi was included in the BK  :0)  dept of about 80k totaling of 3 card all being Citi AA Advantage.  I love Citi and would want them back. 


My average credit usage ranges between 2% to 20%. I used the equifax score calculator to determine what the score would look like based on usage. this is how i was able to raise my score so quickly.


Would appreciate any good advise.


thank you and happy new year!