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Re: Bankruptcy friendly credit cards

So I thought I would add to the discussion.....

I am 2 years into a Chapter 13 and have just converted into a Chapter 7 and am waiting for the discharge letter. I received an Orchard Bank card ($300CL) within the first 6 months of confirmation of my C13 BK. 12 months into my C 13, I started using an AMEX Pre-Paid in the hopes that it would help me obtain an AMEX card in the future. 18 months in or so seemed to be a tipping point so to speak, as I was approved for a credit limit increase with Orchard Bank; and new accounts were approved with Credit One ($1000 CL), Matrix Card ($300 CL), and a Fingerhut Account ($300 CL). The conversion started in November and is on track. On a whim I decided a couple of days ago to apply for a Barclaycard Reward Mastercard and, too my surprise, was granted $1300 CL!! I was shocked and am completely stoked because now I can actually get some rewards points for using my card and paying the balance every month. I was hoping that meant I might actually get approved for an AMEX card, but unfortunately that wasn't the case. Was denied an AMEX/Costco card 2 days later, but hey I'm working on 

Trans FICO = 660 (01/6/2013) Equifax FICO = 654 (01/6/2013) Experian PLUS = 656 (1/6/2013)
Wallet = AMEX Prepaid with $300 every 2 weeks deposited, Cap One (Formerly Orchard Bank) $500 CL in SOCK-DRAWER, Credit One Bank Visa $1000 CL in SOCK_DRAWER, Discover Matrix $300 CL in SOCK_DRAWER, Fingerhut Charge Account $300 CL in SOCK_DRAWER, and Barclaycard MC with $1300 CL
Goal.....To break 750-775 by the end of 2013
DId not reach my 2012 Goal of 700... :-((