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Re: Preventing being summoned before filing

first of all - get your money out of any and all bacnk accounts RIGHT NOW!!  I had my accounts garnished - sitting there with $0 all of a sudden sucks!


shop around for an attorney.  I believe mine was about $1250 with fees.  However, even at $1800 - if they're that good and get it all done right (which they all should) it's a small price to pay for the relief you feel once done!  I think I think I lost 20 pounds just from the stress relief.


If you want to hide from them - don't answer any phone calls from them - move to a PO Box - ignore anyone looking to serve you papers direct.  If someone comes to your house say that you don't live there and that you're a renter of the property.


They can always garnish wages - but that's a process in itself......


You should be able to buy enough time to get the monies in order to file.

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