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Re: Keeping my new Barclays card through BK
Before you close them, tell them your situation, they MIGHT keep them open, just ask.

A week after my discharge, I got the CapOne secured cc, $49 for $200 CL. That was 10/11, in 6/12 I got the CapOne cash rewards card. I can tell you, Boa, Chase, Wells Fargo, AmEx, and to some degree Discover are all off limits. BoA & Wells Fargo have secured cards, however, I think you need to be a year out from BK and both cards report as secured. Chase and Amex wont even talk to you. Barclays approved me for a $500 limit last month, so theyre an option. Discover is hit or miss, they denied me.

Keep in mind, I only have a BK on my report. No other derogs, I had to file due to a $25k cosigned car that was repoed. The judgement isnt on my report anymore, nor is the repo. If you can, avoid First Premier and like cards with absurd fees and costs.