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Reaffirming mortgage?

I know most say do not reaffirm, but each situation is different and I'd like some advice on mine. 


I filed chapter 7 in 7/2009.  It was mainly for credit cards.  I did not reaffirm my mortgage which started in 4/2008.  I've never missed a payment or been late.  I never plan to either...knock on wood.  I may keep the house another 26 years or I may sell it next year.  I'm not underwater (I estimate at least $20000 in equity) so I can't imagine ever walking away.  I'd simply sell it if I couldn't afford the mortgage.  I can't help but feeling I should reaffirm to have this positive item on my credit report 10 years down the road.  According to Credit Karma my score is 690 right now.  Thoughts?