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Re: Bk friendly creditors

Thanks everyone.  Believe me - I had my mouth hanging open when the analyst called and said I was approved, go back to the dealership and take delivery (had went home because they were waiting to get approval to fund me since I had a fraud alert), but once the analyst verified it was me, I was all done.


And it is worthwhile to note that I have no previous history with Toyota Financial, so I was very impressed coming from always financing with Honda.  So for those of you who are discouraged or just unsure, give Toyota a try.  I see these advertising specials where Tier 3 (III) are getting the same rates as Tier 1+, you have to read the fine print to see if the that is stated.  I do know from the Finance Manager, you just need a 650 to make Tier 3, and if you are close a volume dealer can get Toyota Finance to bump you up.  


Those BK'ers who have low scores, but perfect auto history, will have auto-enhanced ficos that are good.  For instance, when I went, my normal TU Fico was 600 when the CU pulled my credt the same day (I tried them first before going to Toyota that same day), and even they approved me with a TU Fico of 600 @ 10.74%.  But when Toyota ran my auto-enhanced fico I came in right at 650 TU auto-enhanced. :smileyhappy:

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