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Re: NFCU auto loan question..

Post Bankruptcy, if the two were before it won't matter to NFCU since they do not use auto-enhanced scores for auto loans.


Now on the other hand, those two if before the BK will help your score when a dealer runs it.  


For example: NFCU turned me down 3 months post-bk with a 600 score an told me, 6 months post-bk auto history.  Now, the same day I went to Toyota, and they pulled 650 auto-enhanced score, because I had 3 perfect paid auto loans before bankruptcy.  Walked away with 0% on a 2013 Toyota and my BK was barely 3 months old - they didn't even flinch or ask about it, it was like the BK wasn't even there.  Good luck Smiley Happy

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