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Re: NFCU auto loan question..

hrguy wrote:

Post Bankruptcy, if the two were before it won't matter to NFCU since they do not use auto-enhanced scores for auto loans.


Now on the other hand, those two if before the BK will help your score when a dealer runs it.  


For example: NFCU turned me down 3 months post-bk with a 600 score an told me, 6 months post-bk auto history.  Now, the same day I went to Toyota, and they pulled 650 auto-enhanced score, because I had 3 perfect paid auto loans before bankruptcy.  Walked away with 0% on a 2013 Toyota and my BK was barely 3 months old - they didn't even flinch or ask about it, it was like the BK wasn't even there.  Good luck Smiley Happy

Thanks you again for all this great information! Congrats on that approval, its great! I want to go used for around $10k-$13k so I wont be getting any great special intro rates like that!! Hopefully I can find a decent lender but if not now I know to refi with NFCU soon after Smiley Happy   Now lets just hope and cross our fingers that they still unsecure cards!

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