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Re: NFCU auto loan question..

Thanks Scupra.


With the secured Navy card, it is at the 13th month they unsecure, so if you got in October, you should know when your November statement cuts.  If it does not unsecure, seeing your score now and assuming it keeps going up, apply for another card - which I am sure you will get.  Once you get that one, then just send them a secure message in the website, and ask them to unsecure it based on the fact that you qualified for a new unsecured card - you would think it would only make sense right?  I know this has worked for a lot of people.  Others just wake up one day and log in, and their card is unsecured and the deposit is back in their savings account.


Barclay is hit or miss.  You can try now, you may just get it, the good thing is on recon they can override a denial and if they refuse to, the analyst will tell you what to do and when to reapply.  In my case, I got approved at the 3 months mark for a 500 NFL rewards card - I decided to push my luck and recon for a higher limit and the analyst snatched it back.  She was nice enough to say, they are only doing it to see if my current pattern lasts longer, she remarked I was doing good and to keep on the same path, she said generally they like to see 6 months post-BK history, and since I only had three - she said wait 3 more months and reapply back, if all was the same I would get it.  So two weeks ago, I decided to do the Apple Card and it was instant approval just like she said it would be.  They are inquiry/new account sensitive and only pull TU, so just a word of warning.  All their cards are not BK friendly, I would say the ones I see recent BK'ers get is the Finance Visa for Apple, NFL Rewards, Priceline, Travelocity and Rewards Mastercard for Average Credit (there will be two listed, one will say good credit the other will say Average Credit so pick the right one).  They will generally approve with a TU score of 590 or higher.  If you do not have a fraud alert - it should be instant denial or approval, if denied I would not be afraid to call and recon because most analysts will override it after asking some questions or at least tell you what your weak points are (too many inquiries, too many new accounts...etc) and when it would be best to apply again.  No general rule for Barclay's, as I have seen people get them 1 week post discharge, but after 6 months it should be a definate approval.


If you have less than 3 inquiries on TU in the last 6 months, and no fraud alert - I would say give Barclay a try now.  Report back if you do.Smiley Happy 

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