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Re: BK7 - My plan, a few questions, & suggestions are desired. :)
Contact Prestige Financial. Their website is They provide loans to people who recently filed bankruptcy like yourself. It even says who their target audience is on their website. The auto loans require ZERO down...that is on their website as well. And they reduce your rate every 6 months when you have paid on time. There is no grace period so put it on autopay. They were the only lender that would finance me after Ch 13 BK. I got a really reliable late model family sedan. Price was $16,000 and I paid $400 a month. I traded it in last Nov for a lease on a brand new Acura. So they helped me rebuild my credit a lot. I think they require your BK to be discharged...most any lender requires that so you may have to wait a little longer but I doubt they will come and get your car in that timeframe. Things move very slowly after BK. good luck to you and I know it will turn out ok for you.
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