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Re: BK7 - My plan, a few questions, & suggestions are desired. :)
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Thanks for everyone's suggestion on the auto loan. I decided I would do a cash car because the money they would charge me in interest is money I could use toward my CLI for my secured cards which I plan on having soon after vehicle purchase.


Good news I have received a few updates IIB SW but the interesting thing about it ....ALL updates say "Close By Consumer, Paid As Agreed $0 Bal H/C reported as CL" all Derog reporting removed from those already updated. I am a little shocked, but nonetheless... I am HAPPY! I have received a little bump in Fico (approx 10pts EQ SW Alerts). I cannot wait for more to updates. I hope they all update the same way. 


I would love feedback, suggestions, or experiences with this or if someone has seen the same thing happen to them.


I am only 10 days out of 341 Meeting and my discharge is not expected until March. I hope I don't have to do any fixes afterwards ... It would be a blessing to a have the CRAs report quickly and accurately for a change.


Until next post... Thanks again for ALL your support, warm welcome, and advice.




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