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Zero Consumer Debt filing for Bk can I keep any of my 16 cards

So interesting story


I have 16 personal credit cards with 90k total limit. I have 0 balance on all cards.


My company failed which I personally guarenteed an business Amex and and a merchant account.


Thus my reason to file chapter 7 bk strictly due to business debt. No chance to pay it off.


I have had 3yrs of paying off all monthly balances on my personal cards every single month.


My question is do I have to reaffirm all 16 credit cards in bk to at lest try to keep them since I have zero consumer debt?

Or do I just leave them alone and see what happens?


Is there any chance I will get to keep any of my 16 cards when bk is discharged?

I have no house or mortgage. All my credit is revolving. Fico is 730 currently.


thank you