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Re: Zero Consumer Debt filing for Bk can I keep any of my 16 cards

Do you mean keep the cards that I have had the longest with most history?


I apparently have credit with 10 different banks/ lenders.


Citi 3 cards (1 Shell gas) Thank you + America airlines)

USbank 3 credit cards (1 still secured) Platinum + Flex rewards)

Bank of America 2 cards (Platinum Plus + Alaska Airlines)

Chase 2 cards (Sapphire + BP visa)


Keybank World

Barclays 2 cards (Platinum Rewards and Fronteir Airlines Rewards)

Discover Walmart

Capitol one Platinum

Cheveron Visa


I have 1 past 30 days 6 years ago on a closed account. Perfect since then. In the past 3 yrs I use my cards like a debit card and pay every full balance every month.


Given my list of 10 lenders I have accounts with. Does anyone know which ones would be most willing to re affirm or not close my accounts after BK?


A few of the cards above I havent used yet. I have yet to activate them. Should I wait until after bk to try to activate or does it not matter one way at all?


Amex (platinum) will black list me so I wont be able to get their card again.