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Unable to obtain employment in my industry (need to in order to get into MBA program)
Hello all,
I am scared to death. I am (was) employed in the field of acct. and finance. After severe credit problems due to a live in fiance (now ex) opening a cc in my name w/a credit line of 15K and my stupidity in trusting him thus not checking credit reports, and subsequently a car accident with a tractor trailer truck leaving me in bed for three months, brace for three more, an inability to work and tons of medical bills, I filed bankruptcy. Because I was unable to qualify for a job in accounting or finance due to my poor credit (and about to be sued) I was advised by a number of different people, hr friend, atty's, etc. that I would increase my chances of finding employment if I were to file bankruptcy as I would not be in a position of temptation to illegally obtain funds (which isn't even in my genes anyway). So I filed chapter 7 bankruptcy which was discharged two months ago.
It's now become impossible to find a job in my industry or anything remotely close such as clerical acct./ finance (for which a college degree is not even needed). I know I've been lied to by a number of people--too many inconsistencies as to why I can't keep temp. jobs going onto permanent. A financial analyst job I was virtually guaranteed by the CFO suddenly disappeared (with a physician placement company--perfect job since I've also got all my pre-med education w/a 4.0 gpa and would be dealing w/physicians), again with an explanation from HR as to why I was deleted from the pool of applicants which I later found to be a lie. They've still not filled this position after three months. My credit reports are all frozen so none of these companies have the liberty of using credit as an excuse thus far. I've just gotten the strangest, most inconsistent excuses everywhere I turn or after every successful interview.
I have very good references, a very good education as well as gpa's and have always been exceptional at my work. In short, I'm an excellent employee yet nobody will now look past the bankruptcy. Temp/job placement agencies aren't even getting me interviews which is very strange; it's as if I'm at the bottom of the stack since I've been upfront with all placement agencies about my bankruptcy thus far. I've been in management in the past in financial analysis and now cannot even obtain a job as a beginning accountant, an acct. clerical position, or a level 1 financial analyst. My IT knowledge is more than adequate; it's quite good.
I need to get back into my field in order to qualify for a part time MBA program. I need my MBA to get anywhere at all after this bankruptcy. Being 43, I don't have a lot of time to waste regarding my career. I know everyone is steering clear of me. I'll leave an interview thinking "I've got it!" And next thing you know I'm treated like a pariah.
Rather than helping me with a fresh start, this is going to leave me homeless with no hope of an actual career (I have no family , children or husband so I've always dreamed and wanted an overtime, all consuming career). I graduated with highest honors twice and always did so well until this whole mess. Worst of all it's getting to me mentally. I've tried being upfront about it, I've tried waiting to find out when they check my credit (since it's frozen) and then tell them about it. Either way the door slams regardless of the reasons for my bankruptcy. I would have paid off the debts had I been able to actually get a job with the initial bad credit!!!!
Does anyone have any suggestions? My career was ruined before I filed bankruptcy no doubt, but I'm now seeing that no matter what, I've had it. I can't afford to go to school for my MBA full time. I have no money. I can't believe that my life is as it is compared to what it once was. Perhaps I never should have filed, but again...nobody was giving me a job using my credit as an excuse. Now they very carefully sidestep the reasons (but as I said I do catch inconsistencies and lies) since they legally can't discriminate against bankruptcies.
Is there any legal way I can handle this? Am I done? Is this it? Like I said, this is getting to me mentally. I'm not the person I once was. If it were in my power and I had a job or could have worked right after the accident I would gladly have begun making payments again once back on my feet. I have no couch, only one dresser, finally a bed recently, finally a tv after 6 months---I'm paying for this. I sold my house and all my furniture to pay back what I could. I'm not trying to avoid anything--just do what I need to to get back into my career!!
I think this may be hopeless but do I have any legal recourse (considering my credit score truly IS in the pits now), or any creative suggestions as to how I can cover this time period affording full time MBA until this blows over a bit?
Thank you--I'm becoming a mess. This is NOT a fresh start. It's the beginning of the end, it seems.