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Re: Unable to obtain employment in my industry (need to in order to get into MBA program)
You need to call the CRA's to un-freeze your account (id's required).  My daughter and son-in-law filed for bankcruptcy at age 25 in 2005 for a fresh start and succeeded (both college grads). They had shied away from financial services companies (acctg grad and IT grad) and have found good paying jobs in the manufacturing sector and counsulting field paying 70k and above.  Hence, I cannot believe your bad luck.  I had a friend, who had a 450 score (poor credit, but did not file for bankcruptcy at all) and was denied a job as treasury analyst at an insurance company even if the VP Finance backed her up (she was a temp for six months).  The HR denial was upfront - bad credit.  She had changed her career options since that time (now a licensed practical nurse and earning lots more money).  My advice- get a consumer lawyer to help you with the CRA's (un-freeze accounts) and dispute incorrect reportings - accounts should be IIB.  Good luck to you.