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Re: Unable to obtain employment in my industry (need to in order to get into MBA program)

Something similar happened to me at 42.  I was in banking when I was forced to file CH 13 and lost my job because of it.  I'm in Construction Cost Controls now and I really enjoy it.  I'm a consultant.  Started at 65k 4 years ago and now at 107K.  It sounds weird, but for my career, it was the best thing that could have happened.


I have an MBA,too.  You might consider applying for the regular program instead of the executive one. You don't have to be in the field.  It will take longer to complete. 


Soon, there will be lots of infrastructure programs/projects if there aren't currently.  The days of "easy money" contracting are gone.  Hang in there and check the construction job boards.  Also, network. 


Good luck and keep the faith.  Some hardships are a blessing in disguise and remember everything has a beginning, a middle and an endSmiley Happy.


5 years BK reporting down.  2 to go!  Keep the faith.