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Re: Late Payments after filing but before discharge
You are most welcome.  Be prepared, sometimes when you dispute account IIB the CRA asks for your schedules and BK info.  You can send your notice of filing and ifyou do send any schedules redact any other account info that you are not disputing.  For example, if you are disputing Account A and the schedule lists Account A-F, black out all account information pertaining to accounts b-f.  You don't want to give then CRAs anymore information than they need.  Also, I know that after my bk back in 2004, when I disputed some lates that were reporting after the filing date or accounts that should have stated IIB and said charged off or bad debt, the creditors didn't verify and they were just deleted.  Just make sure they all say Include or Discharged through BK, no lates reporting past filing date, no balances reported, and certainly no past due amounts reported.  Good luck.

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