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Re: Late Payments after filing but before discharge

same thing happened to me...only I just figured it out now and there are about 8 late payments that have been on my report that should not be ..I filed may of 07 and I have late payments showing in sept of 07when even my discharge was aug 07..I even have a mortgage payment showing on experian from july 07  and my mortgage was not reaffirmed even though I kept my home. 

Another question...what about that C/O that shows...? I have some of those reporting even last year!!!!! you would think one time would be enough..some do actually sho C/O the month I filed but keeping showing that C/O for a few months that counting again me like a late payment every time they report it that way? 

I hope not ...that might explain why some creditors deny me saying I have late payments when this is why.

thanks for any help!