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NCO FINANCIAL SYSTEMS Trying to collect on 2 Cap 1 accounts INCLUDED in a 2003 Bankruptcy
How did I know this?  I pulled my fico tu and eq and it was reported that I had made a late payment last month.  Hmm I looked high &  low and I couldn't figure it out.  I was given TU number and talked with someone there and she told me it was 2 cap one accounts which was now reporting closed as of Feb. 09. HMMM??? I was so sad so so sad because since I had when through the bankruptcy in 2003 I had paid off a few baddies and was able to open credit cards and wow when this was put on my report my score fell down to 588!!!  I was able dispute this once I got over the idea I was powerless.  I had read about this NCO company that buys old debts and will (THEY TRIED w me) to hound you by calling all times of the day and night. So because they bought this as a debt they will try to get you to pay it. I feel that I HAVE PAID a huge price already because having a bankruptcy on my credit report is a huge price. It tells everyone yes I screwed up and yes I couldn't pay my debts.  I have worked  and have made very single payment on time since except for a utility bill (different issue but still on my credit!)   So I have never snawed my phone because I didnt recognize the phone number. Now I know because of reading about this company how awful and abusive they can be!!! Yikes .  Well I got in the mail from TU that yes the 2 cap one accounts are included in the bankruptcy and will come off  my credit report this summer. GOSH!!! I just hope this company doesn't do any more hard pulls on my credit report.... I have mailed off to eqw a dispute and I will have to find a way to dispute experian ... PLease tell me if you had any experiences with this NCO Financial System!!! Thanks