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Re: Bankruptcy FAQs
I have quick question, I'm in a process of fileing chapter 13, and i miss couple of mortgage and second mortgage payment but it will be up to date till i file, would they decline my file for chapter 13???
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Re: Bankruptcy FAQs
are private student loans from sallie mae covered by BK, i read here that GOVERMENT SL's are not, but just SMae's loans??
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Re: Bankruptcy FAQs

I split off your post to start its own thread.

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Re: Bankruptcy FAQs -- Bank of America denial after 9 years bankruptcy

I claimed Chapter 7 bankruptcy 9 years ago and I STILL CAN'T GET A CREDIT CARD FROM BANK OF AMERICA.  I'm not sure why?  I thought bankruptcies only stay on record for 7 years.  But when I call Bank of America, they say they take it into consideration for 10 years!!! I don't have a problem with car loans and even buying a house! But for a BoA visa, I'm off the list.  Has anyone had similar problems with bankruptcy and denials from creditors even after 7 years?

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Re: Bankruptcy FAQs -- Bank of America denial after 9 years bankruptcy
Welcome to the forums! Chapter 7 BKs stay on credit reports for up to 10 years. This might explain why BoA won't play.
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Re: Bankruptcy FAQs

What about Home Equity Loans?  Thanks to Credit Cards increasing there % rates, we are in big trouble.


We have been able to pay everyone :  Home Mortage, Home Equity, Car,  basic bills, both credit cards,  but we have $85.00 left a month for groceries.

We have a family of 3.   We are down to one income, I am 38 recently diagnosed with a heart condition that will allow me only to work part time, I have a 3 yr old, so Day care would cost more than I could make. 

We have no savings left!  13,000.00 on one card, 7000.00 on another. 


We dont know if we should file, or keep struggling, my husband wants to keep going if we can..But if one thing breaks we are screwed.  Me myself Im ready to suck up the pride.

He is afraid he will not be able to get a job in the future due to bad credit checks done by employers. His will be taking a job within the same company in 3 years once a person has retired. But its a different department, so they could possible have him fill out all new application and check everything.


If we do file, Will we risk our home due to we have a home loan & home equity loan maxed for the whole value of the home?  We had just adopted internationally (wich maxed home Equity)  then everything went south.

Believe it or not, so far I have cooked & planed the cheapest meals and we are ok. We make 42,000.00 a year so no help with stamps or assistance...

 File or not?  Does anyone know about the Home Equity & wich one they would make us file 7 or 13.. Any info would be great.....

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Re: Bankruptcy FAQs
I filed CH 7 in May 2006 and I'm trying to determine when the accounts that now say IIB will falloff? Does "Date of last activity" play into the date they disappear?
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Re: Bankruptcy FAQs

Hi everyone. First, I'd like to say this forum has been so helpful to me and has made me feel less ashamed/depressed about considering filing for bankruptcy. So, thank you!!


I am 99% sure I'm going to file for Ch.7. I have finally come to terms (after many sleepless nights) that I just can't keep struggling paycheck to paycheck paying, payin, paying and getting nowhere. I've paid for years above minimum, strugged on the phone with cc's to lower my interest rates, etc and am getting absolutely nowhere. I'm drowning and finally throwing in the towel and for some reason I'm suprised to find I find some relief. ..I'm in the process of finding the right attorney and have 2 questions:


1. I recently purchased a new car..any info on what happens when I file and what happens w/ a car loan?? Will the loan co. raise my interest rate? Re-possess my car? I have no idea, sorry if I sound ignorant!


2. What's a ballpark rate people have paid for a bankruptcy attorney? I just don't want to get taken advantage of. Am willing to pay for a good attorney but scared too.


Thanks for your support in advance!! Smiley Wink

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Re: Bankruptcy FAQs

What do you do when you need to file bankruptcy but don't have any money for an attorney?  I am just barely paying (2 wks late at all times) my mortgage and have stopped paying all unsecured debt in order to do that.  That leaves me with about $150 for the whole month for food, gas,  OTC meds, necessities etc.  What does one do in that case?


Also, I have a pending lawsuit against someone who owes me quite a bit of money but has made no effort to pay me back in 1 1/2 years (it was a 3 month loan).  This will take years to get back from him.  What happens if I file bankruptcy now because I am out of money and then maybe a year later I collect from him?



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Re: Bankruptcy FAQs



As a fellow adoptive parent I can totally relate. I filesd chapter seven with two mortgages and was able to keep my home, and car and just get rid of my cc debt. My employer never knew. I say start make fresh and take care of that Baby!


Good luck