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Re: Bankruptcy FAQs


 I went to a firm, Pacific Law Firm to be exact, that have attorney's yes, but use paralegals to do their work. You do not see the attorney until the last day. You're questioned about your finances from the time you walk in to the time you walk out.  I would say this is a mill so to speak. The paralegal is rude and treats you like a child. Has no time for you, will not explain things as to what exactly she is looking for. You almost have to guess and it adds to the stress.  You see an attorney at the very last, providing he isn't at his golf game. He once again asks financial questions and explains the procedure. In my case it was a bit different. I only had Bank of America loans. I was on time and not late. So they had to make me late in order to do this bankruptcy. All creditors I had paid off or not sunk along with BOA.


Day of creditor meeting:  I watched the procedure saw the person who was the so call "Trustee" he stated he was the FBI agent. Now I watched others with their attorney's walk through this with no problem. They're attorney's or representation spoke for them. Answered a few questions and that was all.  When it came to my turn, I was ripped into for having the loans, ripped into for charging and then paying bills ( prior to my decision to go Bankrupted) I was told I had a shopping spree and then decided one day to do this. ( which was not true)  I had no support ( meaning my husband was not there, he had to work that day and he was not in the bankruptcy)  This Trustee so to speak ripped me apart as if I had committed a crime of sort.  When he got through with me, I was so sick to my stomach.  I looked at my representation, who was more interested in his blackberry than answering this FBI agent. I was very angry and upset. When he went to shake my hand, I flat out want to knock him on his butt. I ended up getting sick. This wasn't suppose to be this way.  I paid $2,500 for what?  To push some papers and be belittled by flunkie paralegals that need lessons in etiquette.  Plus another $300 bucks to get this into court and never once saw my "own" attorney, only his friend.


I realize bankruptcy isn't a game. It's serious and beleive me a choice I did not want. I tried everything from trying to talk with BOA to going to debt settlement companies. It wasn't my fault that the economy took a nose dive, or I loss my job and my income was decreased. It wasn't my fault I had to choose between paying the outrageous $1,200 a month loan payments or pay my rent to live.  It was a hard decision and one I had no choice.


At 62 the stress of losing my nursing job, the treatment I received from these so call ambulance chaser attorneys/ paralegals, that look more like the Grisham  book "THE FIRM" rather than a business of caring for their clients. 

My question is this...why what this FBI agent in the meeting of creditors and siding in with the BOA instead of listening to what "I" had to say?  Or was this how it was suppose to work?