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Re: Bankruptcy FAQs

"So much for trying to do the right thing, I filed in 2005, and I still have a score below 640."



Yes, it can seem that way with a Chapter 13.  I filed in 2005 also.  Discharged in May 2009.  My credit would be in better shape now if I had filed a Chapter 7 in 2005.  I would be 4 years post discharge, rather than less than 1 year post discharge.  If you are talking about your mid score, then less than 640 doesn't sound too bad. You only need about a 620 middle score to get a FHA or VA mortgage.  Which is all that matters for me, because I pay cash for everything else.   My middle score is around 625.  I am only guessing though.  Since you can't get an Experian FICO, to be on the safe side, I assume that the lowest of the scores I do have available is my middle score.  If I am wrong, and my Experian is actually higher than my lowest, then that is all good.