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Fingerhut still reporting charge off/bad debt post bankruptcy!

Last year Jan 2010 I filed for bankruptcy and listed every creditor I had.  My bankruptcy was discharged in July 2010.  I checked my credit reports to make sure everything was reporting correctly.  I noticed that Fingerhut still reports charge off. on Equifax, but on TransUnion it states the account is Unrated! (What does that mean?) I called the credit bureaus who stated they would confirm with Fingerhut. The CSR also said I could contact them myself, which I did. The collections rep told me that the account was sold to another company before the BK.  The CO company was removed from my CR but Fingerhut will not budge.  They are the only company that is reporting bad debt well everyone else states IIB. Is there anything I can do to make them report correctly?

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