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Re: Ch13 Deletion from Credit Report

beamMEup wrote:

Carthoris wrote:

Was is 7 or 10 years after discharge or after filing?

Here's the scoop:


Ch 7 BK's report for 10 years after filing date.

CH 13 BK's report for 7 years after filing date if they're completed and discharged.

CH 13 BK's that are not completed (dismissed) report for 7 years after filing date on EXperian and TU, and for 10 years after filing date on EQuifax.

I know that's the general rule but.....on TU and EX our discharged ch 13 (filed in 11/04, completed 9/08) is scheduled to remain on our reports until 11/14).  Anyone not have their DISCHARGED Ch 13's come off at the 7 year mark????  It worries me that it has 11/14 as the d/o date on those reports. 

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