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Re: Ch13 Deletion from Credit Report

I don't know if this will alleviate your concerns, but if it's helpful to know - my discharged came off right at the 7 year mark on both EX and TU.


Last I checked (a few months ago), both EX and TU state their policy for reporting discharged CH 13 right on their websites.  If anyone's discharged CH13 does not age off at 7 years as is the printed policy, I would consider doing a "print screen" from their website and following up with the CRA.  I've never heard of anyone having an issue on this or having to follow up to make it happen.  It seems to happen like clockwork. 


But IIRC, EX and TU did list my drop off date correctly - or they didn't list it at all - I know that it did not list the drop off date at 10 years.  Are you pulling a report directly from EX and TU (i.e. your free Annual Credit Report) or through another source?


EQ also states their policy on their website, but of course **sniff, sniff** their policy is to report the discharged CH13's for ten years.

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