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Re: Ch13 Deletion from Credit Report

Carthoris wrote:


By the way Equifax policy on removing discharged Chapter 13 is on their website at 7 years after filing:

  • Bankruptcy
         - Chapters 7, 11, and non-discharged or dismissed chapters 12 and 13 remain on file for 10 years from the date filed
         - Discharged chapters 12 and 13 remain on file for seven years from the date filed


If they don't actually do that I guess we can protest since it goes against their stated policy on their own website!

Right.  By all accounts, Equifax has been doing exactly as they claim on their website:


they age off Discharged (completed) CH 13's at 7 years and

they age off Dismissed (uncompleted) CH 13's at 10 years


I wouldn't anticipate any difficulty with them following this process - no one I can recall has had any issues with it.


Congrats on that BK removal next month!  That is awesome!

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