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Re: bankruptcy & fico score

Well, why wouldn't it work for me? That doesn't seem to make sense. I paid all my bills on time and had only one account out of 11 that went 30 days late with the filing. I had an excellent payment history on all my accounts. I read here keep paying your bills helped your score. If it worked, FICO would not be telling me my Transunion FICO score is 599 (FICO only 628) because of a bad payment history and recent late payments. I didn't have late payments. FICO, in fact, shows no late payments on my credit report!  Actually, I think FICO can't actually say that in its analysis of my report because it's not true. And I'm going to call them and address that with FICO. Its  statement that I have a low score is due to bad payment history and recent late payments is simply inaccurate, and I have the records to show it. I printed out my credit reports 10 days after I filed, and all were showing no late payments.


BeamMEup, you're affliated with FICO, why not ask it about this issue. My report should state my score is low due to bankrutpcy, not late payments. It's misleading and inaccurate to say otherwise and hurts me with potential lenders.


Thank you.