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Considering BK? FICO told me if you file BK paying your bills on time won't help you
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I had an excellent payment history going into BK and paid my bills up to filing BK.. I had many accounts and only one of those went   30 days late with the BK filing.


FICO shows on its analysis of why I have a low score is because I have a "bad payment history," which is false. I printed out my credit reports and can document 10 days after filing BK  they show  I paid on time and have an excellent history. FICO is showing my accounts are 60 days late or more. My actual credit reports from TU and EQ do not show I'm 60 days late. When I challenged FICO's analysis of my payment history, I was told it does not take into account my payment history for accounts included in BK but considers only they were IIB and therefore are degragortory.   FICO's summary of my credit file says  "Your history of paying bills on time: Bad." Again, simply false.


FICO does not take into account people who file BK and pay their bills on time up until BK and clearly isn' t concerned  by this. When I raised that the analysis stated false, inaccurate information, I was told by a FICO rep "we're not a credit bureau."


The bottomline issue here is how does it affect my FICO credit score.  Six months after BK, my FICO TU score is 599 and FICO EQ is 628.  Those low scores are all derived from one single event, the BK, and no late payments. Yet FICO's own online analysis of my credit reports says the reason for the low  score is "History of paying bills on time: BAD," a false statement. (My Quizzle/Experian score is 718, CreditKarma is 702 and gives me an A rating. I know these are so-called fakos. But I don't think so highly of the FICO scores and its inaccurate analysis of my payment history.)


 I'm sending FICO's score analysis of my credit reports and my printouts of my actual credit reports from immediately after BK that shows my payment history  on all my  accounts to various consumer groups who montior credit agencies such as FICO to show  FICO's inaccurate, false analysis that I have a history of late payments. Legally, you can't have late payments once you file BK.