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Re: bankruptcy & fico score

orosie50 wrote:

I still don'f feel like I got a fair treatmen of this posting because I never actually filed.  I dismissed it before it went to hearing.   And it was in 2002.  Over 9 yrs. ago.

If I could get a letter from the BK court stating this, and send to the 3 reporting agencies, do you think it would help?



If your BK was dismissed over 9 years ago, it will age off your reports soon.  It should report for 10 years.  If, for example, you filed in June 2002, it will age off in June 2012.


Your CreditReports probably already have the information from the BK court showing that it was dismissed along with the date - and unfortunately, it will report - accurately - for ten years.  You've already made it through 9+ years of reporting, with less than a year left to go.  Hold on!



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