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Re: bankruptcy & fico score

hardlessons wrote:

I learned the hard way from Ch 7 and now I have not had a single credit card company, mortgage company want to touch me (not because of score), but because of the BK on the record. They are saying I need to wait the 7-10 years for it to come off the record before people are gonna deal with me again. Luckily, my wife had a good score and that allowed us our home and credit cards etc.

Hi hardlessons,


Welcome - glad you're posting!


BK is tough, and I'm sorry for your experience.  Although it does take some homework, folks with BK's can and do have good mortgages, and decent credit cards.  Thankfully this forum is full of posts from folks like you and I who have been through a BK - and are kind enough to share their experiences.  Although many credit cards will not consider folks with a BK, there are several that will.  We've taken out two auto loans at very good rates, and have a mortgage with a great rate - all with BK still on the reports.  Time is one of the issues - as your BK filing date ages, you'll find your options open up.  And remember you can have a FICO up to 759 with a BK reporting.  Life does go on after BK - and beautifully!


I'm glad your DW has a good score now - and yours will get there.  Hope you stick around - there's some great info posted here on the boards.

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