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Re: Pay off BK accounts to improve score?

I offered a pfd for a couple of medicall CA that were IIB.  They refused to take any money.  But a couple were nice enough to just delete.  I think what beamMEup said sounds right.  There are issues involved with trying to pay a legally discharged debt.  Technically, there is no debt.  The amount was written off by the company (tax implications), and possibly some of the prior agreements could be reinstated.


In my letters I kind of just threw out that that while I was no longer obligated to pay this debt and that I understood hte OC/CA may not be able to accept payment when no payment is due that I would nonetheless like to sastify the account or something along those lines.  I would offer the amount that was owed or ask for a gw deletion.  Got a few gw's but not one pfd on any IIB account.  That also went for some IIB credit cards. 

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