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Re: Bankruptcy friendly credit cards

so i filed bk 9/2011 and its supposed to be dc 12/27/11.. meantime.. i have opened 4 credit cards.. fp @ 700 cl.(they sent me a preapproval right after they updated my report as iib).. orchardbk @ 300 ...cap one sec mc 200cl w/49 deposit.. and a cfna firestone card @ 1000 cl.(they are bk friendly).. also have a student loan @ 1400.. not planning to get any more cards for a while.. but just wanted to say that if anyone looking to apply for any, those may be good starts.. my current scores are as of today.. tu 579 sq 446 ( still have accounts pending iib and deletion from being authorized user) and exp 530..

they arent great but i am happy that they all may be over 500 if eq hurry and do what the rest did and update with my disputes..i have been reading day after day on credit, i wont end up in the same boat again.. (lol) i also finally was approved for att with a 0 deposit 5 lines (using only 2) and 6 months ago they wanted a 1400 deposit.. so.. this is the beginning of my rebuilding and im happy to say that im off to a good start.