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Re: Chapter 7 already discharged - mortgage not reaffirmed - foreclosure/credit score question

Hello, I don't how much this answer will help, basically my understanding is you are just paying to stay at this point.  We also filed bk and the mortgage company didn't reaffirm.  No payments we make show up on the credit report.  I asked my attorney if we wanted to walk away years from now if we could....His answer was yes.  He said it would like we were being sued, becasue the mortgage company would still have to file with the state to begin foreclosure.  We would not be responsible for any legal fees or other type of charges from the mortgage company.  It is already showing up as in bankruptcy I don't see how it can hurt you anymore.  I would double check with an attorney to see if they will update it to foreclousre or if there is nothing else they can note since it was in bankruptcy.

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