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Re: Bankruptcy FAQs
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Hello Everyone! 2012 I hope is going to be a good year for me! I filed for Ch 7 BK in October of 2005 just before the new BK Laws so it's going to be that "magical" 7 year anniversary date this fall! Yay!!


However, I am now wondering how "magical" this 7 year date actually is ... I know the question has been posed here but I'm still a little confused on the answers so wondering if I can get absolute confirmation. I am aware a Ch 7 BK stays on record for 10 years ... way too long IMO. Anyways, I know a negative (derogatory description) stays on for only 7 years. So there were 8 negatives accounts that occurred due to the BK. So will the negatives on the accounts come off at least this year (7 years) while the BK stays on the "Public Records" for 3 more or do the 8 negative accounts stay on too?


Thanks in advance.


UPDATE: Looks like this was answered very directly in another thread ...   ... based on that, this October is going to be a good one!!!

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