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Re: Bankruptcy friendly credit cards

 OMG!!! i'm so happy right now i just got approve for Discover More credit card 5% cash back limit $7500 and Chase United Mileage Plus Explorer credit card limit $2500. 

waiting for Citi AA advantage card approval, credit analyst mailed something for verification. I did a mini app this week to see if i could get approve with bankruptcy on my file.


 My history file for bankruptcy 11/2004- discharge on 02/2005-----> will come off my credit file on 02/2015 can't wait. I figure if i get denied with all this application in 2 years the inquiry will be gone from my credit report. Anyways last sunday 01/8/2012 i decided to apply for Chase United mileage plus explorer due to the promotion they were having 50,000 miles for first purchase and other perks that goes with the card free lounge pass etc....i really wanted this card so bad that i know if i apply i would get denied 100% due to bankruptcy and 2 off the account was chase. So applied on sunday got the 30 day screen approval, so i waited for 2 days tuesday i called there reconsideration line to ask for update. I was hoping its a girl but i got a man credit analyst. so he ask a lot of question bankruptcy stuff why? told him lost my job..i told him i been a chase customer for over 10 years, and i have one chase credit card since 2006 it was WAMU became Chase din upgrade to Chase slate. credit guy said he will review my file again he said i cause chase to loss money before etc....and i only have 2 tradeline major credit card capital one and chase slate he need to see more i was not going anywhere this guy was not gonna approve me. so i said thank you and hang up. I was thinking i will try again tomorrow hoping i get a female credit analyst. went home sad about it i did not get approve. when i got home i decided to apply for discover since i got a letter for free approve 2 months ago, i figure i need to add more tradeline to my account. the problem was discover was part of my bankruptcy 5k charge off. so i apply nothing to lose got the review screen. later at night 8pm credit analyst called to verify my information approved me for the credit card $7500 did not even ask me about the bankrupcy.. the lady ask me if $7500 was enough i said its fine i was just happy they approve with BK. The same night i also applied for CITI AA advantage i figure they will not see the inquiry that i applied for discover.


       Today at 1pm i called chase recon number again hoping for a good outcome. female credit analyst answered ask me all about the BK again reason for BK, 2 account from chase BK. i guess they kept a record on file because in all my credit report i have no more baddies only BK on it. everything else perfect payment. after all that she check my credit history from my chase card perfect payment auto loan no late etc...and finally she gave the VERY VERY good news she said i was approve for 1k at first, then she said wait let me see what i can do, and she came back with $2500 yahoo!!!!!!!!!!! im just happy i got approve i was happy with $1k.


     Thats all guys thats my experience no more applying for credit card till my BK comes off the credit report. I was gonna call chase recon everyday till they approve me. Luckily only took 2 calls. Theres hope after BK. now ganden move for the next 3years. I hope my score would not go dow to 600 ish..........


   My Credit Score Equifax 716      discover and citi pulled equifax

                                Transunion?    chase pulled transunion twice i dont get it  01/08 and 01/09/2012.




  my credit card---   capital one hassle rewards $3800 open on 2005

                                  wamu/chase/chase slate-   $5100  open     2006

                                  toyota auto loan                -                     open  2007

                                 macy                                                         open   2009

                                 GE banana republic visa version          open 2010