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List of bankruptcy friendly creditors?

I understand that some creditors are a complete 'no-go' after bankruptcy so long as the bankruptcy is still reporting. Some creditors are only a 'no chance in heck' if you included them in the bankruptcy. Is there a list anywhere of which is which?


For instance, I was approved for a Capital One Journey recently, but never included them in bankruptcy. I was also approved for a couple different store cards administered by WFNNB. I was declined by Barclay's Barnes and Nobles with bankruptcy listed as the only reason. I never had any account with Barclays, so apparently bankruptcy is a no-go even if you didn't include them in bankruptcy.


If there isn't already a list, maybe it would be helpful to have one. Obviously individual credit scores, inquiries, utilization and so on will still have an impact on approval. But, it would be nice to know if a creditor just does not lend to those within 5 years of a bankruptcy discharge. It's easy enough to compare average approved credit scores on a number of sites, but harder to find a breakdown for whether or not bankruptcy was a primary factor.


Capital One: Okay post bankruptcy (perhaps not if IIB)

WFNNB: Okay post bankruptcy (Perhaps not if IIB)

Barclays: Decline, reason bankruptcy (3 years after bankrupty discharge)

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