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Which decision is best for this account?
I have a HSBC NV account that was opened in 8/2002. The account was included in my BK in Februrary of this year. It shows 8, 90+ days late payments in early 2006. Ever since 9/2006 they have been reporting the account paid as agreed but the status is Bad debt/collection. This account was sent to a collection agency which removed their record from my credit report after the BK so I guess that is why HSBC started reporting it as ok??. The majority of my other credit is newer credit with the exception of student loans from the late 90's. Would I be better off to leave this on my report since it shows they are reporting it as paying as agreed since the age of my other credit is fairly young? Or would it help my score more to try to get the account removed or at least the late 8 payments removed?