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Re: what doors will open 5 years out of bk?

thanks Daisey

I did apply for a loan through Household Bank 9 months after bankruptcy and they denied me due to bankruptcy.  However after 5 years I would think that would

be less a deciding factor but I checked with the bank I have my checking and savings account with and they told me it would not be approved until the bankruptcy came off'my credit reports.  I checked with a couple others and they told me the same. 

I don't have any lates on my credit report and my utilization is 30% on the cards I have now...they said that 30% was good and they would not deny me for that reason but just because of the bankruptcy.


I currently have 2 capital one at $2000 and one at $1250 ..Hooters card at $1250..3 HSBC cards at $300 each..can't get them to budge..Target at $300..can't get them to budge either..And Kays/Jareds $3000....

I applied for Bank of America , Barclays, Lowe's, Home Depot, Ellan Financial(visa card offered through my bank) and Bill me Later and all declined due to bankruptcy

So as you can see I am getting a little frustrated...  I don't even want to apply for a car loan because I am sure that is a no too...

Any insite on where else to look? 

I appreciate it guys!