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Re: what doors will open 5 years out of bk?

thanks Daisy.

No I don't need another credit card.....well just want a major credit card wih a higher limit.. When you go to a hotel for vacation for instance you have to give your credit card to pay for the room of course but they also hold a per night charge and sometimes that can get high.  I also like to have it for a buffer in case I go low on cash.

I don't really need a car loan yet.  My car is probably good for a couple more years.  My car loan is still on my credit reports but is paid off though and shows paid.. I got the car loan of course before my bankruptcy.


I want the personal loan for some household projects.  I also thought it would add to my "credit mix" is the phrase  think they use.


I didn't check with a credit union..  I have to join one..I already have a checking and savings account so I am just going to open another savins account with them just to get in the door.   I was told however by a friend  that the loans you can get from a credit union is based on how much money you have in with them .."Which kind of would defeat my purpose of taking out a loan if I had that much money in my account....I mean I wouldn't need a loan if I already had that much..
Do you know if that is so?

My scores are around 660

Also you asked in an earlier reply what cards I claimed  in my bankruptcy.  I included 3 Chase cards 2 Citibanks and 1 Discover card and some store cards.  Some of which were I am kind of reluctant to apply for a GEMB card  .


thanks for your info too!