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Re: What is your post Chap 7 BK Fico?

My bankrutpcy will be three years post discharge in about ten day. My chapter 7 was discharged May 7th, 2009.


Current scores are 650 Equifax and 655 Transunion, but, my utility wasn't ideal yet.


Unfortunately I couldn't tell you what my starting point was. I didn't check my credit score at all before filling or after filing until February of this year. That would be my starting scores in my signature.


It looks like the top out is somewhere around 700 with a bankrutpcy still reporting, so, we'll see. Score simulator says I can get it up to as high as 734 if I I have better utilization, but that sounds high to me. I'll probably pull my credit score again in 6 months or so and update.

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